why castillo?

We provide 6 BASIC SERVICES, that… when broken down, equal a hundred different action items.

We will:

  • Start on the inside - If you, your employees, staff, team, etc. don’t BELIEVE IN YOUR BRAND - your customers never will. All successful branding starts from inside the walls of the company HQ. Even if that’s your garage. (All great companies started in a garage!)

  • Help you create a unique message - a VALUE PROPOSITION - that will define you in your industry. And no - “Lower Prices” is not a Value Proposition. It’s a short-term tactic.

  • Help you understand that THE CUSTOMER DETERMINES YOUR BRAND IDENTITY… not you, not your marketing department. But… you can help GUIDE that message, giving it the best chance to succeed and resonate.

  • Help you determine the best ways of CONVEYING THAT MESSAGE. The language, the tone, the imagery and of course, the content.

  • Help you understand what are the BEST CHANNELS for communicating your message. From old-school mailers to Google AdWords (We’re Google AdWords Certified), we can do it all.

  • Help you ANALYZE THE RESULTS of your campaigns so you can understand what worked and what didn’t work.


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