Bloody Hell: And Other Marketing Truths My British Mum Taught Me

NOTE: These are my personal notes from Digital Summit 2019 in Phoenix. They contain no copyrighted material or links to any copyrighted material offered during the session.

SPEAKER: Michael Barber from Godfrey


We work in an era where “The Easiest Wins” – we need to make things as EASY as possible for our users.


Overlays and Popups are driving your customers away – make their lives easy


Allow you customers to get to know you before you start asking for something. Give them some knowledge or value before asking them to give something of themselves (even an email address)


Remember that ANYTHING you put out in public whether social, email, video, etc – WILL LIVE ON FOREVER. Be careful what you say. Think about what you’re saying before you let anything go live.


Do not overthink or rethink certain things. It’s okay to be creative and think differently.... but look towards your customer’s experience – are they going to be confused? Are they going to get frustrated? If so... then don’t do it. Make your customer’s life EASIER. Don’t make changes just for the sake of being different.


LESSON: Be Brilliant – Do THE BEST you can with what you’re working with. You do not have to be THE BEST... but you should do what you do in your niche as BEST as you can. Uniquely.


Make a customer’s conversion as EASY as possible. Any conversion prosses that is longer than 3 STEPS will most likely be abandoned.


LESSON: Always be available – Make it EASY TO CONNECT with you. And Be Responsive.


LESSON: Ensure your customer’s experience with you is CONSISTENT. They will know what to expect and this will develop brand loyalty.


This about Starbucks – the products isn’t the greatest thing ever – but the look, feel, taste, experience and everything from the moment you walk through the door – IS CONSISTENET.


LESSON: The Little Things Count – No matter how small – if you can save the user 2-3 seconds you can drastically increase their experience (and thus, conversions)


LESSON: If You Can’t Be Good – At Least Be Kind. Be Empathetic. Doing right shouldn’t be newsworthy.


Empower your reps/sales team/everyone to allow them to express empathy to your customers. Give them a budget for flowers, a small gift, etc.